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Prom Prep

by Domenic Muto on 04/20/22

Saving Money On Prom

The school year is almost over and high school seniors will be graduating soon.  This means that many of these students will be participating in the time-honored ritual of prom.  Prom is a momentous time in a person’s life and requires special attire.  Attending prom means that a person will want a new outfit to wear to the dance.  Of course, there are additional expenses such as hair, make-up, jewelry, flowers, dinner, pictures, and perhaps a limo.  All of these items add up to one big expense!  Jamestown Shoe and Luggage Service offers these suggestions on how to save money this prom season:

•    Buy a dress at a consignment shop
•    Buy a classic dress that you can wear again and just dress it up for prom by adding accessories
•    Rent a suit or tux instead of buying
•    Skip the spa and get ready at home or with a bunch of friends
•    Get your hair done at a local cosmetology school
•    Check out online tutorials on make-up application and practice at home or with your friends
•    Do your own nails or invite friends over and do each other’s nails
•    Rent a dress
•    Drive together with friends and skip the limo
•    See if your local grocery store offers corsages and boutonnieres
•    Borrow jewelry
•    Have a dinner party at home, have a potluck, or just zip through the drive-thru for dinner the night of prom
•    Use a purse you already own or try and borrow one
•    Use your own shoes instead of buying new

Jamestown Shoe and Luggage Service wants you to have fun at prom while still saving money.  One option is using shoes that you already own for this big event.  If you have shoes that would work but just need a bit of TLC, then we can help! We can repair or replace soles, tips, heels, and stitching.  We also offer shoe stretching and orthopedic shoe modifications.

Of course, you will want a handbag for your phone, lipstick, and id.  If your purse or bag needs a little boost, we can help.  We can repair or replace zippers, stitching, straps, buckles, and more.  We can also add clasps for a bit of embellishment.

If you plan on staying at a hotel after your prom or even having a big sleepover with your friends, you will need luggage.  We repair luggage that is both in and out of warranty.  We can repair or replace luggage wheels, luggage zippers, luggage zipper sliders, luggage feet, luggage carry handles, luggage retractable handles, and more.

Don’t have time to make it to our location?  We offer a mail in repairs service. Simply visit online at  Print out the form, fill out the form, and put the form as well as your repair items in a box and mail them to us at 931 North State Road 434, Suite 1095, in Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714.  After we receive your items, we will call you for payment then we will repair your items and send them back to you.

You can also visit us at our store.  We are open Monday through Friday from 8am until 6pm and on Saturday from 8am until 2pm.  We are closed on Sunday.  For any questions, please give us a call at 407-869-7757.

Have a great time at prom!

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